Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Electrical work is one of the few dangerous tasks, if improperly done, can result in physical injury or death. But when you have sought our services, no doubt you can relax while the electrical repair professional diagnoses the problem and rectifies it. All the service technicians listed in electrical contractors in Bangalore (our service partners) at Ultimate painting servicehave decades of experience in various services such as –

·      Installation/repair and replacement of heat pumps, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

·      Faulty wiring – estimate given; problem fixed

·      Replacement of old, burnt transformers in roof space to prevent electrical shock

·      Replacement or repair of damaged switches (main control board, 3 phase panel board) and power points

·      Inspection of smoke detectors because of beeping sound. Rectification

·      Finishing electrical repairs with ceiling fan/exhaust fan

·      Rectifying Electrical problems in geysers – fixing or repair

·      Installation (wiring or casing for new door bell)

·      Problems in lighting or power (fancy lights, sockets, holders, tube lights with panel, indoor/outdoor lighting)

·      Resolvation of Tripping of safety switches

·      Repairing of outlets/fuses and bring them back to normalcy

·      Burning smell in switchboard – Check is conducted and problem is rectified

·      Fitting/installation or uninstallation of inverters (point-point connection or direct MCB connection)

·      You suspect the internal wiring has suffered a damage

·      Installation of LED/LCD TV systems/Home theatre

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You depict a sense of responsibility to your family members when you opt for the services of a technician.

However, before starting the work, you will be provided with an estimate. The work will be broken down and explained to you in simple format along with the charges. If you approve the charges, then the process of repair will be initiated. No surprise bills will be added at the end. Also, we leave the electrical repaired area clean.

Kindly note, almost all services can be provided without causing damage to your existing wiring systems. Only in case of renovation and other repairs, after getting the approval, changes may be done.